CENTURY 21 Realty Management Co., Inc. was originally formed under the name Calvo Management Co. in October 1975 as the "in house" real estate arm of Calvo's Enterprises. In February 1983, Realty Management Co. purchased the assets of Calvo Management Co., which had grown to include management, development, brokerage, and finance of real estate. In December of 1985 Realty Management purchased a CENTURY 21® franchise to better serve its clients and become affiliated with the one of the largest real estate servicing companies in the world.

We've grown from a staff and sales force of four to one which is now over 20 and still growing in all areas of real estate, CENTURY 21 Realty Management Co., Inc. has the expertise needed and the knowledge to the market to help assure success.


CENTURY 21 Realty Management Co., Inc. achieved sales in excess of $500,000,000.00 to date; we feel this figure speaks for itself in regards to our ability and performance. Individual transactions range from a $2,300.00 land sale to a thirty million dollar ($30,000,000.00) hotel site in Tumon, with all segments of the real estate market represented, including undeveloped land, houses, multi-family dwelling units, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing businesses and condominiums. Our staff and personnel have over 75 years of experience in the real estate field. Whether buying or selling, this experience means the best deal for you. So this year, put a professional in your corner.......CENTURY 21 Realty Management Co., Inc.




Our basic philosophy is to serve our clients in the most professional manner possible. We endeavor to do this in the three following ways:

1 Property Management 

Our goal in property management is to give our clients the highest possible rental income and reduce operating expenses while maintaining its demand and visual appeal. By doing this, we generate the highest possible net income of the property and increase its value.


2 Real Estate

CENTURY 21 Realty Management Co., Inc never competes with our clients in subdivisions, developments or condominium conversions. Because of this, our clients can rest assured that we are working in their best interests. Our customers know that we will show them our best properties rather than developments we have already researched and rejected as not profitable.


3 Service 

Our clients and customers are treated as individuals with respect for their individual desires, needs and wants. In other words, we work for you, showing you what you want to purchase, not what we want to sell you.



Christopher Felix
  • President and Principal Broker
Del Ada
  • Realtor®
Rowena Tamares
  • Realtor®
Jay-R Dominguez
  • Realtor®
Gregorio Perez
  • Realtor®
Dominique Rose Felix
  • Realtor®
James Ma
  • Realtor®
Renee Harrison
  • Realtor®